About Me

Moved to Sydney from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2010. Am now unemployed for the first time in 15 years and living in a foreign land for the first time, period. Relearning among other things, my identity, what makes up my happiness index and how to iron a shirt. Mother to two rambunctious boys, which are known affectionately here as Number One and Number Two, and wife to Hubs.

Moving to another country, whether as expat or migrant, is a bit like falling into the washing machine when it is in tumble dry mode - continually full of ups and downs in rapid succession. (excuse the housework analogy, I am housewife now) Writing keeps me sane and helps me appreciate the little things in life. I use the term expat loosely - it tends to conjure up images of someone with housing provided for, flights home every year and occasionally a chauffeur thrown in. We are not that kind of expat.

If you are here for some perspective on the migrant/expat life, note that I like to view the glass as being half full.

"The world is as beautiful as it is horrible. I’m not delusional. I see the world for what it is, but I choose to focus on the good. The more we look for good, the better we feel about the world, and the more that good expands and fills our experience. This is the one true choice we have in life: Where to place our attention." - Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of Pay It Forward

A bit of a brag

Update : Although I started the blog more for myself, it's garnered some interest!

The blog is on the Ten best Sydney blogs by 101holidays and Seana Smith's top 8 websites for Sydney families.

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