Apr 15, 2015

Of Hunter Valley and smelly goodness


We recently went on a trip to the Hunter Valley. There we sampled smelly cheeses, among them the blue cheese.
Hubby looked at me as I smelt it. I wrinkled my face, and declared, "It smells like garbage."
He took one bite and I asked him how it tastes.
"Like garbage," he winced.
"It's supposed to be complex, multi-layered..." I said, attempting to rationalise what a connoisseur thinks.
"Well, it's complex and multi-layered, like garbage," he said.
Yes, we don't like cheese, but we lurve durian, especially the Musang King variety. It is rich, complex, multi-layered, and 'fragrant'. In fact, it is even more fragrant than cheese, because you can smell it a mile away, and once it gets into a car or a hotel room, no amount of airing will remove the smell. But it is heavenly, while blue cheese is yucky. Go figure.
(Durian cake pop image from www.popolate.com.au)
In Hunter Valley, we also did the obligatory wineyard visiting. My kids said this would be an awesome place to play hide and seek.

Hunter Valley is gorgeous, but it is a bit of a yawn for young families. It is really for the lovebirds, the childless (and therefore more financially endowed) couples, or the wealthy retirees who can indulge in wine and spas and balloon trips.  

The only thing worth a visit is the Christmas light show, I'd say. The tip I'd have is to start your walk after dark - we went in early at 7pm, and couldn't enjoy the start of the tour because the lights had yet to stand out. The magic only happens when it's dark.


  1. HI! I am happy to see you are still blogging!
    I hope you and the family are well
    Hunter Valley looks lovely :)