Feb 16, 2015

5 reasons why puppies and toddlers are like two peas in a pod

A friend came over the other day with her new puppy. It was adorable, but she had bags under her eyes. I was remarking to hubby how she must feel like a new mom all over again, with the frequent night waking routines, and toilet training, and handling the exuberance of a young pup. With Number 4, he came when Number 3 was a year plus, so it was almost like having twins.

Here are 5 reasons why pups and babies are much alike.

1) They will play with anything or anyone, even those not in their same species. Number 3 has fed the dog imaginary tea, and tried to get him to get on her bike. She isn't his favourite person, but he will go to her when there is no one else paying attention to him.

2) You want to make sure they respect your authority (go where you want them to go, stop when danger is around the corner) It should be automatic and inbuilt before they get so big, you can't carry them/pull them on a leash and have to talk 'up' to them.

3) Patience and perseverance is key. This applies when toilet training, or generally anything else. Some days are better than others and they will go through patches when they seem to be going backwards. Then suddenly, one day, they get it! Keep at it, love them, teach them, administer to them and you will see the fruits.

4) They can't keep still, except when they flop/nap out of sheer exhaustion.

5) They are a bundle of trouble, but they bring much joy. It's a kind of joy that has no logical reason but one that emerges from deep within. Why? I think it's the joy of observing new life. I think it's the sheer fun of discovering something new every day. It's definitely the simplicity of their lifestyle - what makes them happy is so basic! Number One once looked at Number 3 running around happily and laughing for, well, no reason at all, and he said, in a bittersweet manner : "She is so happy, I wish I could be like her."


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