Oct 9, 2014

Once in a red moon in Sydney

Last night, we all stayed up until 9.25pm because of the lunar eclipse. I set up the camera on my small balcony and managed some long exposure shots (well, as good as can be with Number Three and Four running in and out and shaking the tripod!)
It was interesting to see the progression of the shadow as it crossed the moon. The clouds kept playing hide and seek with the moon but we caught the tinge of red around 9.10. Number One brought out his telecope and we camped at the top of the driveway trying to use it but it is a cheap telescope and rather frustrating to use so we gave up after seeing some blurry white stuff. At 9.25 pm when the eclipse should have been at its peak, the moon was completely covered by clouds.

Here is a magnified picture of the blood moon.

After moon-watching, we all went in and Number Two helped me bathe Number Three. Number One cleared my bed and put out her clothes for her.

"I must be dreaming!" I said. "My boys are helping without being told!"
"Here, here, let me pinch you, " said a cheeky Nmber One.
"Noooo," I said, a tad melodramatically. "If it is a dream, I don't want to wake up!"
"Enjoy it while it lasts," said Number One.
I sighed. "I guess it only comes once in a ...red moon!"

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  1. My family and i also stay up to watch the lunar eclipse every time it happens. But our pictures don't come out nearly as good as yours. Gotta move to Sydney now lol