Oct 25, 2014

Camping at Newnes

I've been behind on my blog posts but my latest mantra is 'better late than never!'

This is from last year's camping date in December. We went to Newnes, in the Blue Mountains.

There are pros and cons of camping here compared to Riverwood Down. The flies here are annoying. We were close to some bushfire, and had a ranger come over to update us on the fire and announce a total fire ban.

The view is quite incredible though. You wake up in the morning, climb out of your tent and gasp at the mountains next to you, soaring high above. You know the view you get when you visit the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains? Well, this is from inside that view. There is an exclusive getaway for the rich and famous five minutes up the road, the rates of which I am told is $5000 a night. We stayed five minutes down the road for 1% of the price.

There is a pretty river although it's not deep enough to swim in.

and if you are into your wildlife, there are pretty cute ones...

...pretty active wildlife...

and pretty scary wildlife... Number One was running around and fell down on a big, big ant and he was bitten. Ouch. Poor thing, he always does seem to run into bad luck.

The nearby walks are super interesting though. We did the Industrial Ruins and the Glow Worm Tunnel, posts to follow.


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  1. Camping is always fun but it comes with the set backs as well. I don't know how you coped up with the ants though, they are the most annoying creatures on Earth. You had gone in December right? Was the cold bearable?