Sep 21, 2014

Not so 'loving' Chef Rasa Sayang Chatswood

I had heard good things about Chef Rasa Sayang in Chatswood so made the obligatory pilgrimage one day. Rasa Sayang is literally translated as "feel love" and is the title of a famous traditional song.

The menu is very exciting in terms of its diversity. Keropok lekor is on the menu, now that is novel! Unfortunately, on the weekday we went, almost half the things we requested  'were not available'. If things are selectively available on certain days, I wish restaurants would put these on 'special' instead of their main menu. I hate to get all excited and get my hopes dashed.

The char kuey teow is ok.

char kuey teow rasa sayang chatswood

The curry puff is the best of the stuff we ordered. It has egg inside, which isn't traditional but it's my favourite twist to the humble curry puff (The only curry puffs I would eat were from IKEA Damansara and theirs had the boiled egg inside)

curry puff rasa sayang chatswood

The kuih is ok laar.

kuih rasa sayang chatswood

The lor bak is a big 'no, no!' The definition of the ultimate lor bak is the one at Kheng Pin in Penang. This is not like that at all. It isn't even lor bak in my books. No loh, funny pasty meat, lettuce? Epic fail.

loh bak sayang chatswood

Nasi lemak was ok but the petai was obviously from a can. If you must serve petai, please get the frozen ones, the canned ones (in brine) are also an epic fail. Nasi lemak is actually not served with pappadam so this was a little odd, but I don't object to eating pappadam.

nasi lemak petai rasa sayang chatswood

Tauhu bakar is another hard-to-find here so I was very excited to see it on the menu. This is authentic, just a pale version of the actual thing. Sauce a bit watery but if you were dying for tauhu bakar, this would do until you make the 8-hour flight.

tauhu bakar rasa sayang chatswood

I also took away the chee cheong fun for my kids, but they said it was only so-so.

But I might be back one day to try the other stuff on the menu, especially that keropok lekor.

Based on this, Mamak and Pappa Rich still rate above this place in terms of food quality. Sadly, I hear from good authority that Sedap's quality has gone down recently.

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