Jun 16, 2014

Optimistic, pessimistic or realistic?

Recently, Australia made world news. I found it so interesting, I asked a question over dinner...

"Which country do you think is the most pessimistic about its World Cup chances compared to its ranking?" I asked the three males.

Hubs named two European countries. "Nope," I said.

"England," said Number One.

"Yes, you're right,"  I said. He made the guess based on the stereotypical English gloomy outlook.

And which country is the most optimistic compared to its actual rankings?, I asked.

"Australia!" came the chorus of replies.

"Of course, Ozzie spirit, doncha know?" said Number One.

Yes, a poll was done and articles in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, remarked on how strangely optimistic the Aussies are, when in fact, they are the lowest ranked team and facing a very tough opening draw.

"Maybe the people polled were confused about which World Cup," said Hubs.

Yes, one of the columnist did mentioned that as a possibility. After all, there is the Rugby World Cup and Australia wins that one.

But the answer came quickly from the three males for a reason. Aussies are often quick to critique their politicians and tear them to shreds, but they are filled with hope for a sports event. "Of course, we are optimistic. What's the point of being negative before the game even starts?" I saw a commentor post.

"Well, there is being optimistic and then there is being realistic," said Hubs.

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