Mar 30, 2014

5 day self-drive in Tasmania - Day 3, Coles Bay

Tasmania deserves its reputation as a food haven.If you like Oysters, you can't not have oysters in Tasmania.

The drive from St Helens to Coles Bay is just 1.5 hours, just nice to make a few stops and get to our destination in time to settle in for the day.

We made a pit stop at Freycinet Marine Farm to get some freshly shucked Pacific oysters and other seafood. There is nothing to see here, and nothing much by way of culinary experience, beyond simple, fresh seafood.
We headed off to the Freycinet National Park after. I so wanted to do the famous Wineglass Bay Lookout walk. It is approximately 1 ½ hour return, but a bit of a climb, so given our party, I reluctantly decided to skip it. We did visit the Cape Tourville lighthouse (you can drive all the way up) where I got one of those "what the" (in a good way) moments. 
Photos can't do it justice. The Hazzards in the distance seemed to be unreal, with its sharp outline shrouded in mist, and looked to be a 2D cutout of a movie backdrop. The water is the bluest of any sea I had ever seen.

I really wanted to book a place at Freycinet that overlooked the Hazzards but these were pricey and I could not find rooms to fit our party. So we opted for Coles Bay and stayed at a house called Waterline at Freycinet. The managers at Sheoaks B&B were kind enough to send us information on the area prior to our departure. After the previous night's dinner, we decided to tighten our belts, and buy some meats from a butcher called Sirloin Breier in Bicheno that they recommended. After picking up our meats and pies, we headed to Coles Bay.

Waterline was a fancier house compared to the Albatross of the night before. It had an outstanding view.

The downside was that it was much harder to access the beach, and the beach was not so inspiring.

Plus there are a dozen rules that may put some people off. But you'd be hard pressed to find a nicer view to BBQ by, and it served well as a beautiful place to spend the night. We cooked the sausages and lamb cutlets, opened a bottle of wine and had a lovely dinner. 

(The rate was $170 for the first couple and $20 for each additional person.)

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