Mar 12, 2014

5 day self-drive in Tasmania - Day 2, Binnalong Bay

St Helens is the bigger town but I decided to go past St Helens and overnight at Binnalong Bay, mainly because there was little accommodation choices at St Helens. The Bay of Fires Character Cottages at Binnalong Bay comes highly recommended on TripAdvisor and with good reason. It's a fantastic bargain!

We took the Albatross cottage, and it was clean and had all you needed. Service was non-existent (all I got was a grunt when I collected the key) but then, we didn't need service.

What a view, eh?

A short stroll down to the beach...

This is why it is called the Bay of Fires. It's a fiery orange lichen.

While we were milling about the beach, something magical happened. Hubs came running to me and started pointing out to sea. "The lady over there told me there is a whale in the bay. Hear that noise?"

I paused, and heard something that sounded like a fog horn.

"That's a whale," he said.

Oh my.

We watched it hang around for a while, and heard its call echo throughout the bay. I've been 'whale watching', but there you chase the whale. Nothing beats the whale coming up to the bay to say hello. Magical.

I've a thing for sunsets. All these were taken from the same area.


Note : Not much choice for dinner nearby. There is a restaurant downstairs but it is a tad fancy and pricey.

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