Oct 8, 2013

Walk on the bright side of life

You know the feeling when the break has been too long and too good? And you just loathe the thought of going back to the regular routine?

The boys have had a good holiday and were struggling with the thought of going back to school.

"Gotta go to bed, early boys! Pack your bags," I said yesterday. "Back to school tomorrow."

Number One groaned.

Number Two said, "Yes! We get pancakes for breakfast!"

(I promised to make them pancakes on the first day back at school)

Number One said incredulously, "Is that all you can think of?"

Number Two just grinned.

At which point I show Number One the quote that is on my website.

"The world is as beautiful as it is horrible. I’m not delusional. I see the world for what it is, but I choose to focus on the good. The more we look for good, the better we feel about the world, and the more that good expands and fills our experience. This is the one true choice we have in life: Where to place our attention." - Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of Pay It Forward

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