Aug 5, 2013

Being Number 3

Number 3 is growing up fast. I don't know if it is my imagination, or the fact that she is a third child, or the fact that she is a girl, but I would swear she can't wait to grow up.

1) She keeps watching us closely and I feel that she wants to do what we are doing. She stares at me when I eat and put things in my mouth, so while I wanted to put off introducing solids, I could not bear her eager eyes anymore, so I gave her some food.

2) She turned over at 3 months, grew her first tooth at 4 months, and is rolling about at 6 months. She was even wearing size 0 (9-12 month) clothes at 4 months old!

3) She always loves being around her brothers. She will roll around at their feet when they are playing Wii or Pokémon or reading and is generally content to observe the activity around her.

The other day, the boys played 'hide and seek' with her! There I was prepping breakfast, and I saw the boys taking turns and carrying her from one end of the house to the other. Curious, I observed as one counted to ten while the other took the bub and hid with her. Then the seeker tried to go about the house calling her and eliciting some sounds from her. She had a puzzled but compliant look on her face and I think, was generally happy to be involved in their play for once.

4) By extension, she loves being around other kids as well. The other day I brought four boys back in the car -  you know how boisterous boys can be, and they were excitedly talking at the top of their voices. She started squeeling and shrieking, so she could be a part of it all.

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  1. will be meeting no 3 in a month's time. yay! can't wait