Jul 9, 2013

Sedap, the best Malaysian restaurant in Sydney...

...well, that I've been to,...north of the Harbour...

I really must rave about it. I'm quite particular about my food. That's why I even make my own roti canai. (As expected, I got weird looks from the fellow Malaysians I told this to, but the frozen ones just simply don't do it for me!)

Sedap makes the mark in so many ways that other restaurants don't.

Their asam laksa is first class...

Their lor bak is really good and isn't fried with flour, which many 'Malaysian' restaurants here do. The only thing lacking is the "lor' sauce.

Their curry mee is good. Hubs didn't quite like it because it's more the Penang sort, which has a thinner, sweeter soup. Hubs says Penangites don't know  how to make curry mee, and I say that the curry mee he likes is so thick it is like eating noodles dunked in curry.

Maggi Goreng is so-so, but then, it's hard to really elevate Maggi Goreng beyond Maggi Goreng.

The only authentic wan tan mee I have had in Sydney so far. Top rate!

The Hokkien mee (prawn mee) is good but not the best I've had.

But their char kuey teow makes up for it.

I keep missing the Pasembur because they only have it on Thursdays, but it's next on my hit list.


  1. Asian lovely spicy food. I love it very much. thats delicious,,

  2. A good comprehensive review indeed. I was at Sedap last week and had the Penang Char Kwai Twai. And Teh Tarik. Loved and it's good all the way.

  3. Tell your hubs that Penang is famous with their food which everyone named Penang as "the food heaven". It is okay if your hubs doesn't appreciate Penang-style of curry mee given that everyone preference is subjective, but it is offensive to say that "Penangites don't know how to make curry mee". Malaysians respect all different style of curry mee from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Sarawak etc so please learn to respect the authentic "thinner & sweeter soup" of Penang Curry Mee as well.

  4. He is just teasing, because I am from Penang. ;) We have a food fight every now and then. I used to walk out from my house and eat the loveliest, sweet soupy curry mee with 'huek' and sometimes do a 'lor cham theng'. SIGH...

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