Jul 26, 2013

Idina Menzel, casts a spell

I didn't quite like Idina Menzel right off the bat. I first heard her when YouTubing Defying Gravity, and whilst that is her signature song, I preferred versions of that song performed by others.

Then I saw her on an episode of Glee. She had a duet with Lea Michelle over the piano, and whilst I still wasn't a big fan of her voice, there was a spellbinding moment there - you know, the kind where the song ends, and you are still in a reverie... "Could she have some magic?" I thought.

She does have magic, lots of it, and you have to watch her live to really catch a taste of it in the air. She has life and vibrancy and depth of emotion which she injects into her performance and infuses into her songs. Her version of Somewhere (which she calls her "favourite song ever, ever") is the best I've heard ever. She made me yearn deeply when I wasn't longing, and whisked me away while I was glued to my seat.

She is a great entertainer and ties her show together neatly, so that you enjoy her performance as a whole, not as a bunch of collated songs well sung. You will laugh at her, you will mourn with her, you will feel her sense of abandon as she prances around barefoot.

It was also my first time in the Sydney Opera House. It was 8pm and I stared at the jet black sea, thinking that the glass was so clear, it looked like I could have just stepped out into the lapping waves. I've seen the Opera House hundreds of times from the outside - from photos, that iconic shot used on TV and magazines, and from Circular Quay and from ferries - but being inside, and looking out, was a bit surreal.

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  1. Really nice. This is first time visit here. think i will keep coming here.