Jul 3, 2013

Aboriginal carvings at the Australian Walkabout Park

(part 2 to the Australian Walkabout Park post)
I've always wanted to do a bushwalk to an Aboriginal carving site, and at the Walkabout Park, we managed to kill two birds with one stone. There is a bush walk adjacent to the park grounds. It's not stroller friendly, so we park the stroller and carry the bub in arms, and pick the easiest route.
The walk is not well marked so do watch out for clues in the map. We missed a few sites and were determined to find the Red Hands cave so we looked out for it and stopped when we came to this cave. We peered and peered... and saw nothing. Then we proceeded to stand around and debate whether that smudge near the right top corner looked like 'hands'. Then we finally gave up and moved on.

Oops, wrong cave! We walk on another 2 minutes and find this cave with clearly marked prints.

and more carvings further on...

I also saw this grass tree, which stood taller than me (admittedly that's not very hard to accomplish).

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