Jun 26, 2013

Walking about in the Walkabout Park

On our first trip to Australia, we visited this wildlife park called Cleland Wildlife Park in Adelaide. It was our first experience of an 'open' park - it was beautifully set in natural surrounds and many animals wandered around freely. We fed the roos by hand, and I don't think I will ever quite forget the feel of the gentle nibbling on my palm.

When my brother-in-law came for a visit and expressed interest in zoos, we strove to replicate that natural feel here in Sydney. We googled around and found this place called the Australia Walkabout Zoo, not an hour from where we are.

It is smallish and not as beautiful as the Cleland Park, but it does have many animals walking about. Brother-in-law said in jest that it was somewhat disconcerting to have animals walking by you.

The park is very good for kids. The talks are numerous and quite informative.

There is a small petting zoo and you can buy feed for the animals.

There are also a variety of other animals. Here is the back of an echidna. "Where's Sonic?" the boys asked?

What the walkabout park has plenty of is kangaroos. You can't feed them but you can touch them.

This one sat lazily on the café front.

Here's another hanging around.

And the best moment of the day : We saw this little roo hop over to its mama and climb into its pocket.

Altogether now, say "awwwwww"...

p/s: The Walkabout park also has a bushwalk with Aboriginal carving sites. This to follow in another post.

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