Jun 21, 2013

SEDAP is sedap

Sedap Malaysian restaurant Chatswood Sydney
Malaysian cuisine seems to be taking off in Sydney. Sedap is a new Malaysian food outlet in Westfield, Chatswood. The deco has a kampung and kopitiam feel at the same time. It has quaint rooster bowls and serves teh tarik in enamel cups.

A fellow Malaysian had the char kuey teow, posted it up on Facebook and said "The real thing!" Of course, I had to have it then!

The kuey teow is the 'real thing' except that it lacks si ham (cockles) and perhaps a bit more charred flavour. I have it on good authority that the lo me (wanton mee) is quite good and I can say it looks right. Sadly, I report that my never ending search for proper nasi lemak in Sydney has not ended because one look at the nasi lemak told me it wasn't what I am looking for.

Sedap has a pretty extensive menu and even serves assam laksa (tricky one, that) and cendol. So in the words of the terminator, "I'll be back".

p/s: Sedap means tasty in the Malay language

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