May 13, 2013

Mother's Day in Australia

I love Mother's Day in Australia. It's celebrated in a big way, and I don't just mean in the retail and commercial sense.

I love the way the school gets into it. They set time aside for the kids to write their messages for their moms (and dads too, come Father's Day). The cards I got I will keep for a lifetime. The school also arranges a Mother's Day gift stall and the kids buy the gifts in glee, bursting to give the gifts to their moms.

The Mother's Day mass at school makes me sniffle every year. A parent comes up to share her perspective of motherhood. Then there is a special performance or reading for the moms.

Imagine a group of 5 year olds spread out in church. They are dancing to this song, and making hand motions of love and gratitude and prayer. And they are doing it so very earnestly, as earnestly as only 6 year olds can... And then the lyrics play up on the projection screen, and by the end of the song, several moms have their tissues out.

Another video that made me tear up...

My kids were inspired by their scouts training (they learnt how to 'cook') and decided to cook for me this Mother's Day. They busied themselves on Saturday evening making a sign.

Several times that day I pulled my, "It's Mother's Day so you should do what I say" card. Not bad, half worked, half the time.

I had bacon that was overdone and pizza that was flavoured with charcoal but I digested the love and thought myself way luckier than the lady at the BUPA counter who recounted her Mother's Day lunch of a sandwich with lettuce and cream. Had a scrumptious roasted lamb leg dinner. Hubby made dinner so my three meals of the day were made by the three males in the house.

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