May 9, 2013

Ettamogah Hotel and Pub

Do you know adults can hardly get together for a good, long chat without the kids having ants in their pants, whining "when are we going home?" or going helter skelter, and annoying the other guests?

A friend introduced me to this place at Kellyville called Ettamogah Pub. Despite the Pub in its title, it's actually a family friendly place for a lunch gathering. Walk through the doors and the indoor area and you come to a wide open area on the inside (a beer garden actually), with a children's play area, and (on Sundays) a jumping castle and a face painter. You can sit and chat and the kids can run helter skelter at the same time!

When we went in summer, there was this thing where the kids get inside an inflated ball in a pool and run about like a hamster. We had to pay for that, and it was a long queue but the kids had a 2- minute ball. (pun intended). Number One said it sounds like a didgeridoo in there.

The food rates a so-so, but the fact that you get to eat and talk in relative peace gets a thumbs up!

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