May 27, 2013

3 reasons losing a tooth is a good thing

Number 2 lost his first tooth last week. He was all excited when the tooth was loose and kept wiggling it.
"Be patient," I told him. "It will come out when it's ready."
"But I can't wait," he said, grinning in anticipation.

Here are his three reasons :

1) "I want to be like all the others!"
Number two is a bit younger than most of his classmates and many of them already have smiles with holes.

2) "I want to be able to whistle."
See, Koko (elder bro, ie Number 1) told him that be first managed to whistle after he lost his tooth. As with younger siblings, everything that the older sibling can do, and you can't, is a good thing.

3) "The tooth fairy will come!"
Ah, money makes the world go around... And losing a tooth that much sweeter.

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