Apr 9, 2013

One park to rule them all

The first time we visited Australia, we rented a car and drove around. On our way to a leisure spot in Melbourne, we drove past residential areas. Our kids, who were then six and three, pleaded to go to a playground, so we used the GPS to try and map one. I can still remember the map as the GPS dutifully did our search... parks and playgrounds proceeded to pop out everywhere on the map, and we were surprised to find out that there were virtually playgrounds around every corner! What a lucky country!

After a few years, the neighbourhood playground has become the norm, but to throw in a bit of excitement now and then, instead of the park across the road, I bring them to a new playground around the next suburb. Occasionally, we visit bigger play areas like Fagan Park and Bobbin Head,

Last year, we found the playground on steroids, the playground to rule them all ...Blaxland Riverside park. When we went there, it had a new water play area where little jets spray water every now and then, wetting kids who gleefully wait around to be sprayed. The water area isn't as impressive as the Darling Harbour one, but Number One and Two didn't seem to mind.

It has large green land, where you can set up a picnic or play your favourite sport. It was landscaped for this park, and has cute little green hills (to go rolling down?)

The playground equipment comes in extra large. Swings, giant nets,

Blaxland Riverside park

...tunnel-type slides, which slide downhill

Blaxland Riverside park

big spider nets, to climb to your heart's content;

Blaxland Riverside park

a tower to get that bird's eye view of the park;

Blaxland Riverside park

and rock climbing equipment for some vertical play.

Blaxland Riverside park

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ps: A few other things :

1) I'd say it is for bigger kids, say 5 years above, because of the equipment, vastness and the fact that it isn't fenced.
2) Shade is in limited supply. Some tables and benches with shade like what they have at Winnererremy would have been nice.

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