Apr 10, 2013

Four reasons I'm happy soccer season's started

Number Two is playing soccer again this year, and I'm looking forward to it.

1) Since Number One is not playing, this means no hectic juggling of two venues and times with one car on a Saturday morning.

2) Number Two has the same team-mates this year and I like the group of parents we have. Our group is like a blend of Australia as I'd like it to be. It's multicultural for one - amongst the eight, we have two Asian families from different continents, and two sets of parents where one spouse is Aussie and one is from another country (Ireland and France). We have a mix of accents on the field, but it's all good and we understand each other. (Although the club is not of our school, in this team, we are all also from the same school.) We also pitch in - it's not hard finding a coach or a manager, or someone to help drive your kid to practice if you can't make it.

3) It's all fun. There are no nail biting sessions, no politics, no pressure (as can happen with the older groups, and some ultra competitive groups)...Our results last season were disastrous, but no one threw a tantrum. We want them to do well, but we want them to enjoy the game and we won't trip anyone over in order to score.

4) It's fun watching young kids have a go! I overheard these instructions issued by the coach (one of the dads) to the kids last week, and had a good laugh :

"Which way do you go?" he asked.
"That way!" yelled the kids, pointing to the right half of the pitch.
"And do you run to the ball or away from the ball?" he asked.
"To the ball!" they yelled again, all revved up.

It rained in the middle of the match. Number Two was at the sidelines, standing with me as I held an umbrella. As he watched his mates getting drenched, he developed a plan...
"Mama, when I go on, can you (and the umbrella) come with me?"

After the game, the sun came out, and two parallel rainbows emerged. The smaller one ended right at the edge of the soccer field, and all the kids ran to it to look for that pot of gold. It was so nearby, I was so tempted to go! But I decided to stay young in heart, and not display my inner child.

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