Apr 20, 2013

Float like a spider...

In Australia, things float in the air, suspended on invisible lines.

This fellow was above our clothes line.

spider in the air

It's a golden orb spider.

spider yellow black striped legs

I spied this from the kitchen and wondered why a leaf was suspended in the air in the backyard.

leaf curling spider
Upon closer examination, I thought the leaf was trapped in a spider's web.
But upon closer examination yet, turns out the leaf is the spider's home! It's called a leaf-curling spider, for obvious reasons.

leaf curling spider

Another leaf-curling spider with its 'castle' in the clouds...
spider in a curled leaf
And a peek at the resident...
spider wrapped in leaf

Spiders aren't the only ones that hang around - their poor victims do too. This is one huge bug, about the size of a child's palm, and it hung two inches off the ground. It's amazing that an insect so big could be trapped by something as fine as a web.

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