Apr 3, 2013

Brand new!

I've gotten used to Aussies who are strangers, striking up a conversation or making a passing remark in friendliness. But carry a newborn in your arms and this takes on a whole new level.

I've seen some faces (moms mostly) crunch up into a longing expression or just one that said 'awwww' as we carry a little bundle in our arms.
We are stopped and they ask to see the babe. "She's beautiful," they say.
We've had grandparents stop us, admire the babe and list us their new grandkids.
We've had potential grandparents wistfully telling us how they would love to be grandparents but their kids are making them wait.
And I love the Aussie description of a newborn.

"Brand new!" they say.

Like a new product off the shelves. How cute!

All this is fading though, as Number 3 is evolving into a huge chunk of a babe. She has lost that tinyness which calls to the ovaries. She looks like a Sumo wrestler instead of a vulnerable, mousey little thing. Newborns are newborns for much too short a time.

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