Apr 11, 2013

Best curry mee 'recipe' (cheat involved!)

best curry mee laksa recipe paste

I generally favour making things from scratch, but soupy hawker food is hard to get right. It's alright to pound 10 hard-to-find ingredients together or boil soup for hours if you are making a big bunch, or  but doing all that to get two bowls is just too much. And cutting corners with the stock always results in less than desired results.

So I resort to cheats. But although there are many pastes out there, not all cheats are made equal. The Prima Taste curry laksa paste is one that makes the mark. It even passes hubby's stringent taste buds and it's hard to get a compliment out of him! He requests it for lunch and it's ideal for us because one packet makes for two bowls. To make, I...

1) Prepare the beehoon/mee and bean sprouts and place them in bowls.
2) Bring to boil and add in all three elements in the packet into a pot of water. Although the chilli sambal is marked as optional, to me it's not curry mee without it.
3) Add in fishballs, fish cake slices, prawns and tau pok (fried tofu puffs). I boil for at least 5 minutes so I put in prawns last so not to overcook them.
4) Pour hot soup over noodles and taugeh.
5) Top with fresh mint leaves for a hint of freshness to cut through that creamy goodness.

Now if only I could find si ham (cockles) to add in!

ps : Although it's similar, I do not like the instant noodle version. The noodles for one, is just wrong.

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