Apr 2, 2013

After two years, I still...

I've learnt a lot over two years. I can respond "I'm good, how are you" to a "Hello, how are you" with nary a pause. I've learnt to cross roads like a pro, I'm thinking Aussie, and I've learnt how to handle temperature changes. I don't flinch when strangers strike up a conversation.

But after two years, I still :

1) ... forget that shops actually close and that you have to especially prep ahead of a long holiday weekend. I was hosting a dinner party on Good Friday and had planned to go shopping that morning. Fortunately, Hubs reminded me on the day before that the shops would be closed!
"Like... all the shops?" I asked.
"Yes," he said.
"Even Coles?" I asked again in disbelief.
"Yes," he said.

2) ... have my breath taken away by the beauty of a sunny day, gasp at how crystal clear harbour waters can be, and be held in thrall by deep blue and aquamarine colours.

3) ... get caught out by the weather. After a few days of cold, gloomy weather last week, we burned in the Aussie sun as the weather turned and we stood in an open football field under a cloudless sky and the full glare of the sun. We were hatless and sunscreen-less. "How embaressing! We were like tourists who had never been to Australia," I said, and Hubs agreed. Even tourists know better.

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  1. Slip slap slop!!! Put a sunscreen in the car. Ask the boys to leave their hats in the car too before getting off.. i keep my picnic rug in the car, jus in case.