Mar 21, 2013

"Hello, ..."

Boys are always hungry, so a certain phrase from Number One and Two heard at various hours of the day is, "I'm hungry!"

Hubs (the resident king of corny jokes), likes to reply, "Hello, Hungry."

One day, Number One tried to circumvent Hubs by saying, "I'm feeling hungry."

To which, Hubs replied, "Hello, 'Feeling Hungry'."

This went on for a while, and on his fifth attempt, Number One replied, "My name is (Number One) , and the adjective used to describe me is hungry."

Which shut Hubs up for a while.

Recently, over dinner, Hubs was offered a second helping, but he declined.

"You don't like the food?" asked Number Two.

"No, I'm full," replied Hubs.

"That's good," replied Number Two, and without skipping a heartbeat continues, "And hello, Full!"

A grin escaped from Hubs, a signal that he admits he has been beaten at his own game. Smoothly executed, we agreed, while Number Two grins in glee.

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