Mar 5, 2013

DIY yee sang

If you have read my blog, you will know that I love my salads colourful and crunchy and with all sorts of flavours thrown in. The yee sang, a traditional salad served during Chinese New Year in Malaysia, fits the bill. I used to have a series of lunch and dinners during CNY (multiple lunch invitations from corporate and PR folks, catch-up dinners with old friends, get-together dinners with family etc) and my favourite dish each time would be the yee sang.

,Here, you can find yee sang at restaurants, but it is very pricey. So imagine my glee when I found a packet of ready-made yee sang 'set' at the local Asian grocer! It came with crackers, pickled onions and ginger, sesame and nuts, plum sauce. I added salmon, pear, carrots, cucumber and coriander (well, that's parsley in the pix, as Hubs bought the wrong sort of herb!)

It was perfect, the only thing lacking was people to 'loh' with! (to 'loh' involves using chopsticks to toss the ingredients as high as you can in the air, to mix it up) I would have tried to get a bigger group together for dinner and to "loh", but Number 3 was almost here then, and I was terribly lazy. So we (the four of us) 'loh'-ed and chanted our wishes for the year. It was a tad pathetic, so my resolve is to get that dinner going next year if I can find the packet again!

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