Mar 19, 2013

At the top of Gloucester Tops

Note: I am a terrible blogger. My posts are not in chronological order, but tend to be in a "when I get around to editing those pictures" order, or a "when I'm inspired to write about it" order. This one was during Christmas last year.

If anyone should ever want to go camping while 7.5 months pregnant, I have some experience to share.

I thought the midnight loo breaks would be the tough part - they weren't. We stayed again in Riverwood Downs, which has good shower and toilet facilities, and our organiser made sure our campsite was nearest to the loo. It was a 2 minute walk, do-able enough even at 3am in the morning .

I thought sleeping in a tent would be a toughie - it wasn't. Hubs bought a raised queen air bed, and it was rather comfy! (Well, no sleep while heavily pregnant can be described as comfy, but it was no worse at camp than in my own bed)

What did kill me was the heat. We went over the hottest Christmas in Sydney in 10 years. Even the un-pregnant people were moaning and melting (if you didn't know, pregnant women carry a furnace inside under normal conditions). I was dipping cloths into ice water and wrapping them around my neck, taking showers, sitting by the creek so I could dip my feet in...but any relief was brief.

It was sooooo hot, that when someone suggested we take a drive to Gloucester Tops and go for a bushwalk in search of a waterfall, I jumped at the chance of sitting in an air-conditioned car for the 3 hour return-drive and dragged the whole family along.

The drive through the Barrington Tops is always scenic, and we pass cows and fords along the way.
A 'ford' by the way, is a natural shallow crossing in a river. If I remember right, we crossed 7 fords on the way to Barrington Tops National Park.

We drive up and up and up for an hour or so, and come to the start of the bushwalk. The walk is not too bad to start off with.. a pretty level walk takes you to the Andrew Laurie lookout, where you look out upon the ranges of the World Heritage listed Barrington Tops.

Getting to the waterfall is tougher. A further 10 minutes down the trail is where I give up and wait while the rest of the troop go scaling down the side of the mountain. They could not get to the waterfall proper, as I think the track was closed down to heavy rain. Hubby comes back with these pictures.

We head back to camp, by which time it's 7.30pm and fairly cool. It then proceeds to rain non-stop for the next two days and we huddle in the tent, read and occasionally use a towel to soak water from the tent's floor. Well, that's Australia and her lovely outdoors, and her temperamental weather!

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