Feb 20, 2013

When less is more...

When we moved to this new land, sans family and friends and all things familiar, it was as if the 'reset' button was pressed. But the good thing about the 'reset' button is that it allows you to wipe clean previous assumptions and things you take for granted, and see things with fresh eyes again.

We recently welcomed a Number 3, and this momentous occasion had me reflecting again. When you have 'less', there is much more clarity in how Providence gives you more.

1) We accessed private healthcare in Malaysia. Medical insurance however, is quite expensive for expats here (who have no access to Medicare) - it would have cost over $400 a month to get private healthcare insurance for our family so we opted for the most basic compulsory cover, which only allows for public hospitals.
It turned out to be a good thing, because we discovered the amazing level of care under NSW Health Services  - Hubs and I remarked that the care at our local maternity ward (and subsequent follow-ups) is better than what we got at a top private hospital in KL. Kindness and care that goes beyond the call of duty is something you can't pay for. If we had Medicare, it would be free! Wow!

2) Because I was going to be in a public hospital, I had a limited choice of OBs (only a few do deliveries in public hospitals). I rang a few up, got their costs, googled them and picked one. When I went to my GP for a referral letter, she asked if I had an obstretrician in mind, and I replied, "Dr Peter Wood". She said, "Oh, if you didn't have someone in mind, I would have recommended him. Lovely man!" She was right, and he was great, a perfect fit.

3) Everyone who has had a helpless babe land in your arms while you are recovering from having your body torn asunder, while having other kids to juggle, knows how valuable help is. In Malaysia, it's a common practice to hire a 'confinement lady', who cooks and cleans and cares for mom and babe for a month. With Number 1 and 2, I quite literally didn't lift a finger for a month! (sometimes not a good thing, but that's a story for another post)
Here, all we have is us, yet in truth, much more than us. Friends looked after our kids when baby arrived. We had given away Number Two's baby stuff a long while back, but have been showered with baby goods. Food has been delivered to my doorstep - I got my favourite 'pork trotters in vinegar' (a Malaysian confinement delicacy), herbal chicken, and my fridge and freezer were filled to the brim with lasagne, soups and pasta sauces.
A friend buzzed me recently on Facebook, and said, "It's good to see you have so many friends there!" 'No, I don't have many friends,' I replied, 'but those I do, are worth their weight in gold.'

We were blessed to have less, so that we could properly count our blessings one by one and discover how our cup runneth over.

"Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For ...your heavenly Father knows that you need them all."    


  1. Congras...I m from Msia and have been reading your blog before our family relocated to sydney in dec 2012.

    I m glad i come across your blog..i love reading your blog..

    Take care n God bless,


    1. Thanks, and welcome to Sydney! Feell free to email me if you need any information :)

  2. COngrats!!!
    All set to welcome number 1 in a few weeks :-)
    Your post gave me a really positive feel

    1. Awww...that's great news! I've had so many friends whose bubs all arrived/ arriving within a few weeks of Number 3! Hope you are feeling well, do enjoy the moments, and yes, keep looking on the bright side :) Email me if you need any info