Jan 24, 2013

Winnererremy Bay park - the park with everything

It's summer and we are doing our usual run to the beaches on weekends. We went to Dee Why/Long Reef one week, but were dissapointed to find the geography around the lagoon had changed - the water in the lagoon was more stagnant, and it didn't have the lovely little pools and 'river' where the waves rushed into the lagoon.

Hubs did some googling and brought us to Winnererremy Bay park in Mona Vale - "It has everything," he said, and so it does.

It has a big playground, with attractions for the toddlers (rotating see-saws, swings) as well as bigger kids (flying fox and climbing equipment) ...

and the playground is largely shaded, with many tables and benches. Being next to a bay, a constant breeze blew when we went, keeping the day bright and sunny, but cool.

A fairly long bike path that loops around the park...

Winnererremy Bay park

Landscaped gardens...and a wide open, flat. grass area too

Winnererremy Bay park
A beach - alright, it's not a great beach, but it's great for young kids because it has shallow, calm, and not too cold waters...

Winnererremy Bay park

A bushwalk...

Winnererremy Bay park

And facilities...which include large, clean toilets, bbq, and a fabulous place for lunch, called the Flying Fox cafe. Talking about facilities, I found a new definition for 'first world' country...it is where the dogs have better facilities than the people in developing countries. This park even has supply of drinking water for pets!

Winnererremy Bay park
p/s : parking here is a tad expensive at $4 an hour. Street parking is free, but involves a bit of a walk

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  1. Love this park!! I find it great as my older boys still enjoy it, plus they can all whizz about on bikes. Great spot for a picnic.