Jan 8, 2013

McCarrs Creek Reserve, on route to West Head

North Head was one of our first adventure stops when we first arrived two years ago. Hubs had gotten to the lookout point first, while I panted and gasped my way there, and he yelled, "Hey, come quick, you're going to love this." I did... its views took my breath away, and I've always had a hankering to see its 'cousin', West Head, which is purported to have the best views in Sydney.

This school hols, we made a day trip of it. We packed some lunch and planned to stop at a picnic site on the way. I had read about a small picnic area that was on route to West Head lookout,  (right after you turn off McCarrs Creek road onto West Head road) and was intrigued by the mention of rock pools (my kids love water). However, the picnic area is small and while the water in the rock pools was warm, it was stagnant, a tad murky and uninspiring. We decided to detour by 10 minutes to McCarrs Creek.

McCarrs Creek reserve reminds me of a less crowded Bobbin head, with the clear waterways, boats and tall trees. (no children's playground, however). Some people fished off the little jetty, some kayaked, while some swam in the river.

McCarrs Creek reserve

We found a shady spot under trees, spread out the picnic blanket and had a relaxing lunch.

This is the view in front of us ...

Mccarrs Creek Reserve


Mccarrs Creek Reserve

and overhead ...

Mccarrs Creek Reserve

I love the trees here. They have these lovely wide trees, which just seem to want to embrace you.

mccarrs creek

But the kids aren't very much into trees, and the waterway isn't very good for wading, so on we moved on to the West Head lookout. (There is a $11 entry fee to the national park).

Pictures cannot do justice to the views. I have no super wide lense and even if I did, it still wouldn't take in all the expanse. Suffice to say it's one of those views in which a "wow" escapes your lips as the scene comes into sight.

West Head lookout

West Head lookout

West Head lookout

Number Two dragged Hubs off to a bushwalk that started right next to the lookout point. I had also planned on checking out some of the aboriginal rock carvings in the area but it was far too hot, and we were far too bushed so we called it a day.

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