Jan 29, 2013

Australia Day at Bilarong Reserve

Bilarong Reserve

It's been raining for two days straight, but we were blessed with a good sunny day on Australia Day. So we headed off to explore a new park.

There were heaps of people, as can be expected on Australia Day. There was also lots of food, alcohol, dogs running around and music blaring.

Now the Reserve (at North Narrabeen) has lots of facilities, and these include picnic tables, open grass areas, bbqs, landscaped sand play area, and a playground for both younger and older kids, as well as the Bilarong Sanctuary walk, a short easy nature walk.

But there is also a large body of water nearby, and the kids soon abandoned the playground for the lake.

As you might know if you read this blog, we like our waters warm and shallow. The lake did well and the boys mucked around happily, sharing the waters with occasional ducks and boats. Near the shore, little fishes swim amongst the reeds.

They spent a large chunk of the time playing, "Let's see how long we can stand up on our inflatable boards."
Bilarong Reserve

Bilarong Reserve

Bilarong Reserve

Of course, the falling off and splashing into the water is just as fun as the standing up part.

Bilarong Reserve
We wanted to do the Sanctuary Walk, so we kept asking the boys, "Are you ready to come out of the water?" To which the reply repeatedly came, "No, never!"
As you can see from the pix, they were still in it, when the sun was coming down. We left Bilarong Reserve at 7pm, so the Sanctuary Walk had to be 'reserved' for another day.

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