Dec 7, 2012

What do they say about absence and the heart?

Hubs came back from a work trip, an absence of four days. When he's away, the household is on pause mode - an equation is incomplete, an element of tease, of humour, of play, of the law, is missing. 

Number One was abuzz and smiling to himself. He was bursting out of his skin, his eyes dancing with glee.

"You're happy because papa is back," I say to him.
He gives me a grin.
"Yeah. I miss him when he's gone, even when it's only two days," he says.
I tease him, and say, "I'm not enough for you."
 He looks up at me with a look that says bashful and guilty at the same time.
"Sorta..." he says. Then, to soften the blow, he adds, "I want both of you."
"And that's good," I say and give him a reassuring hug.
With that, he skipped out of my room.

That night, the kids wanted their dad to put them to bed. On normal days, they are always trying to make it 'my turn', even when it's not. This time, I say, "Okay, off to bed," and to my surprise, they object.

"Isn't it papa's turn?" Number One says.

"Yeah, but papa's asleep," I say, while prodding Hubs, who appears dead to the world.

"No!" they object. "Let him sleep," says Number One. "He's had a BIG day," says Number Two.
They bend down to give him a good night hug, at which point Hubs 'awakens' from his pretend slumber and the three males go off into the night.

Hmm...I should go away more often. *hint, hint*

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