Dec 9, 2012

The bugs had a heatstroke

These beetles have been frequent house visitors/ trespassers of late... A friend says they are called Christmas beetles because they come during Christmas. We have never seen them despite this being our third Christmas here, because they had never visited balconies on third floor apartments.

Their real name is Anoplognathus.

Here is one crawling about the patio :

Christmas beetle Sydney backyard

Christmas beetle Sydney backyard

A week ago, they had a heatstroke and went a little crazy. It was the weekend of the heatwave, and at night, we discovered dozens flinging themselves against our kitchen window. The few that managed to make it in writhed on the floor, and expired by the next morning.

The beetles weren't the only insects to have gone a little crazy. That same day, we found this grasshopper crawling up the outside of my kitchen window. Here he is at the very top. He came down eventually, and Number Two of course had to go over to have a closer look. He was startled when the grasshopper hopped towards him and he did a little backward hop of this own!

grasshopper face Sydney

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