Dec 5, 2012

Our resident backyard lizard

The boys and I went out today to plant some sunflower seeds. They had gotten a planting kit (a real cute pair of mini spade and rake, some gloves and some seeds) as an early Christmas present and were keen to use them.

As we neared where the designated planting spot would be, Number One spotted this lizard, which had dug a hole in our garden. Apparently, it's a garden skink, and you find a lot of these around Sydney.

Its size? The bit that you see poking out of the ground is probably 4 to 5 inches long. 

Number One and Two had two opposing reactions. Number One, o' child of mine, shuddered and looked away.

Number Two...ah, Number Two. I don't know where he gets it, but he is a child of the wild. He loves to hang on on a grilled (well-charred) piece of boney meat and and gnaw at it till the bone is super clean. He likes to 'tinker' with bugs and such and can happily potter about in the backyard on his own. (I have to watch him now and then to make sure he isn't up to [too much] no good) He has no qualms about picking up caterpillars and beetles even as his mother shrieks in the background.

When he saw this skink, he recognised it. See, a few days ago, Number Two whispered to me that he had seen a lizard in our backyard and had grabbed at its tail but it slithered out of his hand. When he whispered this to me over dinner, the first thing I asked him was: "Did you wash your hands?" The response was a quick, guilty look, and a dash to the washroom.

But I had imagined a small lizard, and not this mini- four-legged snake! *sigh* I proceeded to give him another lecture on the wisdom of not grabbing anything by its tail.


  1. They are blue tongue lizard. Harmless n help to eat snails in your garden. I have many in my backyard. Big medium small baby. You name it.

  2. Thanks, I was trying to ID it but there are so many types around!