Nov 22, 2012

Tupperware Turbo Chef chopper - my review

We just love garlic in all forms - fried, roasted, raw. Garlic tends to feature in almost all Asian stir fries and plenty of condiments. It's also chockful of antioxidants and an immune booster.

Because I like my garlic fresh, I chop garlic every day and wanted a shortcut. Now garlic cloves are so small that regular processors can't handle a small daily amount. The cloves just end up splayed at the sides or the bottom while the blades whirr uselessly.

I've been on the lookout for a mini processor, with multiple tiered blades. There are some mini processors that do it, but they cost slightly over a hundred, and come with other attachments I don't really need, and I'd really prefer to do without all the wires and bulk.

At a Tupperware party two weeks ago, I found my solution - the Turbo Chef chopper. No wires, you just tug at a string, and it chops and dices away. Small and cleans easily. Sure, it's pricey, as with all Tupperware stuff, but I'd choose this any day over a mini processor that ties me to a cord. and one that would see me plugging and unplugging the machine (at some point, the machine would go into storage and not see the light of day anymore).

Hubs and kids have tried it, yelling, "Ninnnn...jaaaaa...go! as they pull the string. You tug slowly if you want larger  pieces...

Tupperware Turbo Chef chopper review

Pull it a few more times and at a faster rate, and you get this beautiful, finely diced garlic.

Tupperware Turbo Chef chopper review

What do you do with such finely diced garlic?

You eat it raw. With fried KL Hokkien Mee. (we had that for dinner last night)

Keeps away vampires just fine. Kids too. Number Two complained about my breath ("Ugh, what is that smell???") when he lay down next to me after dinner, and scurried away.

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