Nov 15, 2012

The unwelcome visitors

Spring is characterised by life. And the backyard has come alive with flowers and visitors. White little butterflies float around the flowers. Birds swoop in and some linger in the trees chirping. Some days, I hear kookaburras laughing their very excitable laugh.

And then there's the unwelcome visitors. Spiders and ants come indoors, and wasps are busy building nests outside on the window panes.

I believe this is called 'daddy long legs'. It was on my ceiling. Hubs removed it from the house alive.

This one, I can't ID. Number One found it in the kids' bedroom. He stared at it and asked, "Is that a real spider?" Then he yelled, "It's moving!" and I moved like the wind. Me, I shoot first and ask questions later.

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