Nov 8, 2012

Sengkuang and California Pizza Kitchen's BBQ salad

I hated salads all my life, because all I knew of salads were a few shreds of lettuce and carrots served aside my chicken chop at The Ship restaurant. Later in my working life (and when Malaysia had climbed up a steep Western culinary curve) I discovered real salads.

This is another one of my favourite salads.  The only California Pizza Kitchen restaurant is in the heart of the KL city, and whenever I went there for work, I would bring back some for lunch. My favourite salads tend to be those with a lot of different textures, and all flavours, and boy, is CPK inventive with its salads. Check out their variety of salads here. They borrow ingredients and flavours from all over the world (miso as a salad dressing?) and combine them beautifully.

As far as I can figure, there is no CPK in Australia, and even if there were, I live in a part of Sydney that doesn't bring me to the city centre very often. So a-Googling we go. My favourite is the BBQ chicken salad, which at the restaurant is a full, hearty salad. (you even have the option of adding avocado for something even heartier) It features the jicama or yambean or sengkuang in Malay, a regular ingredient in Asian salads - the rojak for example, features sengkuang, as does the pohpiah (spring rolls) whether wet or fried.

I found this great copycat recipe and made it. Too lazy to fry tortillas, I substituted corn chips. I also used bottled ranch dressing (Paul Newman's is my top choice, both for the taste and the the non-profit bent) and omitted the cheese.  Despite the ammendments, it turned out almost exactly like I remembered it - crunchy, rich, fresh, juicy and tangy.

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