Nov 7, 2012

More ranting about renting

We had a nice neighbour when we first moved in. She brought over cupcakes a few days after we moved in. She threw a little party, invited us, and introduced us to all the other neighbours, all of whom she knew personally. Our kids got on famously from the word 'go'.

A few days after the party, they received a letter in the mail informing them that the house was to be sold by the owner, and they were given notice to move out.

It was shocking because I could see how settled in they were. And it brought to mind the risks of renting - spend years building a home, and it can be taken away from you at someone else's will.

Up to a week before their move date, they had yet to find a place. They had applied to a few, but had received approvals for none. Later, we find out they will move to another suburb, closer to another relative, and their kid will change schools once the term ends.


We spent 2 months wrangling over repairs but fortunately, they have been carried out. Then a few weeks ago, we received a letter informing us about a pending house inspection.

On the appointed date, I await the agent from 10am to 2pm. No hide nor hair, but I figure he is late, so I wait some more till 3.30pm. Finally, I ring the office.

"The letter must be a mistake, because you've just moved in and there is no inspection," he says.
"Well," I fume. "We got the letter and it's signed by you!"
"I sign the letters but I don't prepare them," he says.

I bit my tongue because I was tempted to say, "Have you heard of accountability? Real professional!"
No apology for the 'mistake'. No apology for keeping me waiting the whole day. Just the renters without much rights.

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