Nov 21, 2012

Looking but not seeing...

This is part 2 to my earlier post on living with three males

I cut my hair last week. I didn't just have a trim, I lobbed off six inches of wavy hair, leaving me with a straight-ish, layered shorter cut.

When I saw girlfriends at school, I got a chorus of comments. They said, "Ooh, you cut your hair!"; "Short hair looks good on you." Usually it is the very first thing they say.

I bumped into two friends at the local mall, and the first thing both said was, "You cut your hair!"

Now, what about my three males? After the hair cut, I picked up my two sons from school and they don't say a thing. Ten minutes later, I asked them, "Do you know I cut my hair?"

"Oh yeah, sure," they said. Hmm, right.

Hubs comes back after 4 days away in New Zealand, and doesn't say a thing. Finally, half an hour later, after updating a host of things that happened over the four days, I said, "Did you know I cut my hair?"

Then comes the sheepish look. The eyes dart up to my hair, seeming to see for the first time. Something dawns.

I can sum up my rant in a very Malaysian statement: "Can ah???"

As hubby reads this blog, I have to update this, to beat him to it.

Yesterday, it was the three males' turn to have a hair cut. Half an hour later, Hubs, trying to be funny, puts on a diva act and says, "Do you know we got a hair cut? You never said a thing!"

Beyond the fact that all they had was a trim, I didn't have to remark on it, since I was there!

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