Nov 9, 2012

A carpet of purple

Come late spring, the view around the driveways and roads and sidewalks change. Trees of purple dominate.

The purple trees pop up almost overnight because the purple flowers bloom very rapidly. One week, the tree is bare - the next, it has a mop of purple flowers. I witnessed this in my backyard. In winter, the jackaranda was brown and naked, deceivingly devoid of life. Then little buds formed as spring beckoned. In a week, every branch had a hint of green.

Then yesterday (it's late spring now), as I looked out my kitchen window, I spotted this :

jackaranda carpet

A carpet of purple flowers covered the ground beneath the tree. I looked up and saw that the green leaves had been overtaken by purple blooms.

More flowers are also popping up.

...and many visitors are always in the garden. I can't capture the bees and butterflies and lizards because they are too fast. But this lavender flower had a visitor that stayed still enough for me to photograph.

praying mantis on lavender

praying mantis on lavender

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