Oct 8, 2012

What 50 cents can buy

Last week I paid the kids 50 cents a bucket to pull weeds from the garden. They both did three rounds each earning $1.50.

Number Two felt rich. The next day, we bought some DVDs, and let the kids pick one DVD each. At the counter, Number Two fished out 50 cents and said he would help papa pay for his Pokemon DVD. Papa, amused, told Number Two that his 50 cents bought the whole DVD.

Number Two felt proud. "I paid for the DVDs...all by myself!" he declared to his bro, who gave a "yeah, right" look.

He was still on a high 15 minutes later."Are you impressed?" Number Two asked me.

"Yes, I'm impressed," I said. "I'm most impressed that you sacrificed your own money to help papa pay even though you didn't need to."

"I sacrificed my money and bought my own DVD to impress you," he beamed.

The next day, we went for a walk at a park near the waters, a place called Echo Point park. We came across a marina.

marina at echo point park

"Ooh, can we go for a boat ride?" Number Two asked Papa.

"No, sayang, we can't rent this. People own these," Hubs replied.

"People bought these boats?" asked Number Two. The wheels turned in his head..."If I give you 50 cents, can you buy one?"

Hubs, who likes a walk on the edge of danger now and then, said, "Yup!"

(Of course, I intervened before there was any exchange of money!)

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