Oct 10, 2012

The chilli sauce packets saga - Part 2

Earlier I posted about sending hubby on a search for chilli sauce packets. He came back with six.

One of the six has been used. We went to a park on Sunday, had a barbie there, and cooked some hashbrowns. I packed one packet of chilli sauce along and hubby took a pix of me spreading my sauce on the hash brown...

What's endearing (and almost embarassing) is how people sympathetic with my plight have been on the lookout for chilli sauce in packets. Father-in-law emailed me to say that he asked his caterer where she gets her chilli sauce, and has tracked down a supplier. And then a friend saw chilli sauce packets while on holiday in the US and brought these back for me!

These are Lee Kum Kee chilli sauce packets all the way from Disneyland.

I'm going to use all and keep one packet as a souvenir ;)

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  1. Since I live in Argentina, I haven't been able to buy chili sauce so after a couple of years of "craving" chili sauce I decided to make my own and believe it or not, it taste nearly as good as the original...Honestly, it took me less than 30min to cook and I can now put it on anything I like...even French fries!!!