Oct 28, 2012

How we watch movies here

Going to the cinemas used to be a real regular affair for us in KL. Firstly, the place to hang out on weekends in KL is the mall, and since there is little to do at malls besides shop, eat and watch movies, we ended up watching movies as often as a good movie comes along!

We watch movies differently in Sydney. Firstly, going to the cinemas is rather expensive so we don't do it very often. Plus, being without babysitters means that Hubs and I rarely watch movies at the cinemas that aren't animated anyway.

The good thing is that buying DVDs here is really cheap. In Malaysia, a BluRay DVD costs around RM100 to RM150! When on sale here, you can get them for $10 to $15 each. Renting is also pretty cheap and easy here. We just swipe the credit card, pick them up off a machine at the local supermarket, and rent for around $3.50 a day. We recently borrowed two movies that were reviewed as 'duds' but ones we all loved - John Carter and Real Steel. (to qualify that statement, we are a geeky family, so it's kinda natural we loved it)

After Real Steel, the Number One asks me :

"Should my nick be "Iron Hide" or "Steel Chaser?"

Iron Hide, I reply. Why? he asks. "Well, it's sounds catchier," I say.

Number Two always has to chip in with something so he cheekily adds:

"Should my nick be "Toilet Brush" or "Poop Flusher"?

I didn't quite know how to answer that question...!

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