Sep 26, 2012

The chili sauce packets saga

chilli sauce small packets

Hubby went back to Malaysia for a very short trip (a detour from a work trip to Singapore) and asked me what I wanted from Malaysia. Food? Sauces? Perfume?

No, I asked him to try and find chilli sauce in little packets.

In Malaysia, auto-condimenting is common. With noodles, fried rice, and a host of other food, you can always find cut chillies, sambal or raw diced garlic to add to it (and the chef takes no insult). Chilli sauce is in abundant supply in fast food outlets. My ritual in McDonalds in Malaysia involved taking a french fry, and lovingly and liberally applying chilli sauce across the length of the chip so every mm got a good dose of chilli sauce. Hubby used to say I ate chilli sauce with french fries, instead of the other way around. "I would never eat French Fries without chilli sauce," I said then, and never envisioned myself ever doing so.

Of course, you'd be amazed what you can accept when forced to! There is no chilli sauce here, and yes, I now occasionally eat the packet of fries that comes with my Big Mac, without any sauce. I also eat the burgers without chilli sauce. I have even eaten KFC chicken without chilli sauce! It's not right, but I do it.

So did he have any success with my shopping request? He could not find them in packets, only bottles. He did however, come back with 6 packets, donated by a cousin from the spares she had in her pantry. Now what shall I use the precious six for? Decisions, decisions...

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