Sep 12, 2012

Sambal, another Malaysian restaurant in Sydney

One day, on our way down to Homebush, I mandated that we stop at Sambal at Ryde for lunch.

The kids had a plate of KL Hokkien Mee. I tried it and it was so-so, and the kids said that mine was much better. Whether that is true is unknown, because they know flattery gets them everywhere...

Fried Hokkien Mee in Sydney

I had the Prawn Mee. Now I know it seems that everytime I step into a Malaysian restaurant that sells Hokkien Prawn Mee I order it, but that's because the smell invades the whole restaurant, my mouth starts watering and I can't resist.
Prawn Mee in Sydney

This was the best of the three I've had in Sydney so far. I drank every last drop.

Hubby ordered the kueh kak or fried rice cake. On sight, it looks nothing like kueh kak - the pieces are cut too big, it looks burnt and the bean sprouts are too limp. Hubby tried it and declared it a dismal failure. I however, think the taste does get halfway there, so I declare it 'not too bad.'

Fried Kueh Kak in Sydney

We both like the rojak, although it's strangely described as 'Nyonya' food. Rojak is the KL Mamak (Indian Muslim) version, pasembur is the Penang Mamak version. While this was headlined 'rojak', it tastes more like a cross between cheh hu and pasembur than it does rojak. I've described the differences here.  Nevertheless, it was good, and the textures were perfect.

Rojak in Sydney

Now that Alice's at Thornleigh has closed down, I'd say Sambal seems to offer the best hawker food north of Sydney. Our main gripe about Sambal is that the portions are small (they are Malaysian-sized or even arguably smaller) for the prices. Hubby said he could have eaten both the rojak and the kueh kah, totalling almost $30 [yes, you lucky people who get it for under RM10 ($3)], and still have leftover space.

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