Sep 11, 2012

Renting in Sydney, part 2

The good news: we moved out of the first place without a hitch. The agent even remarked "you took care of the place well", and we got our bond money back in two weeks.

But of course, as long as one continues to rent, there is bound to be a continuing saga. And while we have setlled into our new place well, we are now wrangling with the agent/owner to fix a few outstanding things.

Now, I have said that renting in Australia being a lopsided affair. While one is compelled to pay rent on time, keep the place clean and let strangers into your home for inspections (in our last place, I reckon a hundred over people must have trudged in as it was put up for sale while we were staying there), the owners can drag their feet about making repairs. Often when there is money that needs to be forked out, the owners are 'overseas' or uncontactable, while the agent pretends to sit on the fence.

I have heard first-hand accounts of landlords who refuse to fix issues, even potentially hazardous ones, and then terminate the lease because the tenant persists on the issue. The owners then proceed to put up the place for rent again, without fixing a thing.

As for the tenant, well,. you're free to move too, once your lease is up! Of course, it costs us over a thousand dollars for our last move ($500 for movers, $300 for carpet cleaners, $500 for assorted stuff), not to mention days of effort and leave days taken. The owner on the other hand, had barely a gap in between tenants.

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