Aug 1, 2012

Penang cuisine at Epping

Last week, the kids were happily sent off for a campfire and we were at Epping in the evening with two hours to kill. I google restaurants in Epping and find a Malaysian place called Penang cuisine.

When I walk into the cafe, the place has the right smells - hawker food fills the air! I can almost hear the wok clanging away in the kitchen.

The lor bak is the best I've had in Sydney so far, which isn't really saying much since the one I had at Istana sucks (keep a mile away from ordering lor bak in that place - that is so not lor bak, even the sauce is wrong!) All in all, it is a respectable lor bak, even though it has more vegetable stuffing than I usually like. The sauce is pretty right. But there is flour on the bean curd skin (the one at Istana has it too). Why do they do this here I wonder? The bean curd skin when fried right is crispy enough and the flour detracts from the flavour of the bean curd.

I am torn between the nasi lemak and the hokkien mee (to this Penang girl, Har Mee is always Hokkien Mee). My beloved hubs, tells me to order both and he will eat whatever I reject.

I reject the nasi lemak. It's not bad, but it's done the Chinese style and with the exception of a Melaka nasi lemak stall in Sunway, no Chinese I know does good nasi lemak. Way too creamy, spices too tame...

The Hokkien/Har Mee is pretty good and I slurp up the soup almost all the way to the end. The only issue is the yellow noodles are a tad too thick.

Unfortunately, their ice kacang machine is out and no cendol or ice kacang for us. We order the fried ice cream for dessert, which is pleasant, but I'm not a fan.

Service is great though, and prices pretty reasonable. I was also eyeing the Ipoh hor fun and the char kuey teow, so we might be back another day - hopefully they have ice kacang then!

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