Jul 2, 2012

Red tamarillo experiment


I generally consider myself adventurous when it comes to food. So when I saw the red tamarillo on 'sale' for $1 each at Coles, I  pick up three.

I give it a wash and almost bite into it, but decide to research how to eat it first. Good thing for me, because it seems the skin is bitter and tough. You eat it by halving it like a kiwi, and digging out the contents.

It's beautiful, so I take a picture. It looks just like a tomato, and has the texture of one too, albeit with bigger, tougher seeds. But it's much more sour and has a smell I'd best describe as 'gassy'. Ugh. I spoon a generous amount of sugar on it, and that makes it more palatable but only marginally. Being Asian, and having had the 'don't waste food' drillled into me since young, I finish up the whole thing anyway.

Now what do I do with the other two? Apparently, I can make a chilli sauce called aji, with habaneros. of which I have generous supply, and onions. Another idea was to boil them, douse them with sugar, and eat with ice cream.

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