Jul 20, 2012

Kalkari Discovery Centre

During the school hols, Number Two's class arranged an informal get-together at the Kalkari Discovery Centre at Bobbin head. It's on the road down to Bobbin Head park.

We started by exploring the discovery centre. There are some preserved specimens and you can touch snake skin and other assorted oddities.

When we were done, we started along the mini bushwalk trail. The walk is great because it is easy and has little bits of everything. A turkey and some rainbow lorikeets and cockatoos greeted us just as we stepped out of the centre.

We journeyed on came to a pond that was covered in moss. The water was so still, you could imagine it was a field of grass instead. The occasional duck criss-crossed the pond, making waves in the greens that quickly came together again with no sign of prior chaos.

Kalkari discovery centre

We were told that if we were lucky, we would spot some kangaroos. And indeed we spotted a roo! Told the kids to stay still and not scare it off so the laggards could see it.

Kalkari discovery centre

Of course, the kids inched forward and the roo hopped off upon seeing a swarm of fairly noisy kids approaching. Wise roo.

We spotted two more to our left.

Kalkari discovery centre
There are interesting nuggets of information about the forest posted all over.

This is a lookout point along the trail that overlooks Bobbin Head. If you look closely, two thirds down the pix, you can see the bridge that crosses the river along the easy bushwalk from Bobbin Head.

Kalkari discovery centre

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